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About Svea - Montreal Homeopath, Naturopath & Arvigo Practitioner


If you landed here, you are probably struggling with fertility or another female complaint. You have come to the right place.

I'm Svea and I'm a Montreal based Homeopath, Naturopath & Arvigo™ Practitioner focusing on Natural Fertility care.

I have overcome my own health struggles and have come out as passionate as ever to help empower other people too. 

I struggled for many years with many female complaints. I used Homeopathy, Mind-Body healing, and Arvigo Therapy to heal myself. I now feel healthier and more balanced in my person. My passion is to bring that to other women as well. I also see the importance in building the whole system with Naturopathy & Homeopathy, dealing with the mind-body connection that is different for each woman, and balancing the womb with Maya Abdominal Therapy.

I have had the honour to doula many women in Montreal and help bring their babies into this world. I now feel honoured to help women and couples who are struggling with fertility challenges to conceive naturally. I've often been told by many energy healers that they see babies all around me...

Svea's Professional Life:

Svea is a Classical Homeopath, Traditional Naturopath, Holistic Doula and Arvigo Practitioner of Mayan Abdominal Therapy® (AKA Mayan Abdominal uterine/fertility massage). In 2008 she received her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Psychology and then went on to study a four-year traditional Naturopath program at the Naturopathic Institute in Michigan. Additionally, in 2012 Svea completed the two-year Homeopathy program at the British Institute of Homeopathy. She's also a Holistic birth doula in Montreal, and completed her doula training with Montreal Birth Companions and the Madriella doula certification program. She's also a Vis Dialogue practitioner (an amazing mind-body technique).

Although Svea sees clients for many different health complaints, she specializes in fertility and women's health issues (menstrual complaints, PMS, pregnancy complaints, etc), and incorporates mind-body healing into each appointment. 

In 2015, Svea became an Arvigo™ Practitioner and is currently the only practitioner in Quebec offering the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. This therapy is a very specialized form of massage for fertility, menstrual complaints, uterine positioning, and incontinence issues. 

Svea also loves to travel with her husband, where they teach Naturopathic colleges an amazing mind-body healing technique called Holistic Counseling. 

Svea is certified with the Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec.

My story, more in depth:

Ever since I can remember I have struggled with many female complaints, including extremely painful menses. At a very early age, I was put on different medications to mask the pain, with no other solution or "cure" to my ailments. My family physician put me on birth control pills from the time I started menstruating to "cure" my pain. As each year passed, I was taking more and more medication, while my problem only got worse, and I became less and less empowered to heal myself. I was stuck in quite a rut.

When I was 20, I discovered Naturopathy and began working on my diet and lifestyle. I exchanged the drugs for supplements. My overall health improved, but nothing touched the extreme menstrual pain. Three years later, I discovered constitutional homeopathy, and saw tremendous improvements in my monthly cycles. So much so that I decided to specialize in my practice in Homeopathy. I believe in it that much. Homeopathy helped me tremendously, taking my pain down from a 9 on 10 to a 4 on 10. Although I had been accepting the pain as "normal" for my whole life, I realized at that time that it's not normal, and that a lot of women have totally pain-free menstrual cycles. It was then that I began working with an osteopath, who worked directly on my uterus and sacrum. At that point I had no idea that the two were connected (I had actually learned that in university, but it never personally struck home until I started the Osteopathy treatments). This took my pain down even more, but still didn't fully resolve it. 

The next part of my healing journey introduced me to Rosita Arvigo (the founder of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy). I really resonated with her teaching and brought it home right away to try it on myself. I tried castor oil packs over my lower abdomen and sacrum. I steamed herbs and did many herbal vaginal steams (I know, it sounds funny... but I SWEAR BY THEM!!). I clearly saw my uterus cleansing itself and readjusting. I then took the Maya Abdominal Massage self-care class and began doing the massages on myself daily. I also noticed that I began to get really connected with my lower abdomen, something that can be very difficult for women who have struggled with pain and infertility (my feeling was that my uterus didn't work, or was defective). I also worked on the mind-body connection of why I was experiencing so much pain surrounding my femininity (and boy was the powerful). I loved the work so much that I decided to study Arvigo™ Therapy more in depth so I can offer it to my clients. In 2015, I completed the professional training course for the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. I'm now so passionate about the work that I want to share it with everyone! And, I feel so blessed to have found my path of helping women and couples with fertility challenges in Montreal (and I have witnessed some pretty miraculous results from Maya Abdominal Massage).


Testimonials for Holistic Fertility Montreal

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    J.S.- Montreal
    "I feel a whole lot better after our appointment- things are definitely starting to change and I feel a lot more clear "
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    "No words will ever sufficiently express the gratitude that I hold in my heart for you."
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    E.H.- Montreal
    I would highly recommend Svea to any woman seeking support throughout her pregnancy and birth... Svea has the unique combination of maintaining professionalism while remaining warm and genuine. I love that quality about her. She's perfectly cut out for her role.