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Natural Fertility Therapies in Montreal
Maya Abdominal Massage Fertility Montreal Midwives and healers of Central American agree that most female troubles are caused by a "wandering womb." Click the above link to read more about Maya Abdominal Therapy for fertility.
Homeopathy for Fertility Montreal Natural Homeopathy is gentle yet powerful natural medicine that helps to heal a person on all levels - mind, body, emotions and spirit. It has been shown to be successful with male & female fertility.
Mind-Body Healing
Mind-Body healing has not only shown to be effective in reducing stress, but it has also been shown to increase pregnancy rates amongst couples struggling with fertility challenges.
The body has an innate ability to heal itself, especially when all obstacles have been removed. Natural healers employ this principle when working with Fertility.
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    Svea uses a unique approach to fertility. She combines all of these therapies together: Arvigo™ Therapy, Constitutional Homeopathy, Mind-Body healing, and other holistic health modalities as needed.
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    Svea recommends starting with Maya Abdominal massage and then working in Naturopathy & Homeopathy if needed. They are not only amazing together, but they help to build your fertility from many angles. It's the "golden" package.
  • First Appointment: $225

Follow-Up Appointments: $100

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    All of these approaches take self-care very seriously. If you receive a Maya Abdominal Therapy, you'll be sent home with 'homework' - Svea will teach you the self-care Maya Abdominal massage so you can continue it at home between appointments. Svea will also show you how to do castor oil packs and herbal vaginal steams (also a part of Maya Abdominal Therapy).
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    Want an appointment with Svea for fertility (or other female complaints)? She is currently working out of Quanta Wellness Center in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Contact her here to set up an appointment.
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