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Did you know that stress can impact your fertility?
The fertility journey can be a frustrating and trying time for many couples.
Read more below to learn about my Mind-Body approach to fertility challenges.

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It is very clear that stress and emotions affect our health. But, have you ever considered that it can also affect fertility?

Stress & Emotions can affect your fertility by:

  • Suppressing hormone production or
  • Causing an overproduction of hormones
  • Preventing Implantation
  • Contributing to blocked fallopian tubes
  • ...and many more.


During each appointment with me, the mind-body connection is thoroughly explored with the Vis Dialogue. I help to gently guide you down to the root cause of many emotional and physical ailments. Many couples who are undergoing mind-body therapies report that they feel much happier and less anxious about their fertility. The Vis Dialogue also goes hand-in-hand with both classical Homeopathy and Maya Abdominal Massage. I'm always amazed at what comes up during these appointments and so happy that many emotional blockages can be released for enhanced fertility.



Boost your fertility naturally

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    Mind-Body Healing for Fertility :
    "Health is linked to emotional responsiveness in the face of changing life circumstances and social interactions. The word "e-motion" tells it all - we want to keep our feelings and energy in motion, rather than locking them in our tissues." - Sat Dharam Kaur
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    Innate Ability to Heal:
    "The human body possess an inherent ability to heal itself through the mechanisms of homeostasis - restoring balance in structure and function and adapting to environmental change." - Benedict Lust (1872 - 1945)
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    Digging Deeper in Healing :
    "Everything’s physical manifestation reflects it’s inner essence." - Doctrine of Signatures Jakob Bohme (1575 – 1624)